About us

The Green Drop was born with the objective of offering the most natural and sustainable cosmetic line. The star ingredient in all our products is CBD because of its excellent properties and benefits for the skin.

We aim to help improving your skin’s look offering natural, vegan and sustainable products. We want you to be proud and of your skin and to feel wonderful without acne, dermatitis, wrinkles and spots being your nightmare.

All our products are +98% natural, vegan, cruelty free and Made in Spain. We try to provide a high-quality product taking advantage of what nature offers us, like CBD.

We believe there’s a need to change the habit choosing reusable and recyclable products instead of single-use products. That’s why The Green Drop uses glass bottles, Kraft paper packaging, PET plastic, bamboo and other eco-friendly materials.

The Green Drop goes for sustainability, do it too!

Our environmental committment

In this historical time characterized by climate change, The Green Drop wants to collaborate and work towards sustainability and environment. We want to encourage responsible consumption and to give our customers natural, 100% reusable and recyclable products.

Our ecological commitment:

Ecological and eco-friendly packaging made with kraft paper

Glass bottles to reduce plastic consumption

98% natural products to reduce chemical products

Vegan product, without animal ingredients or related

Cruelty free product

Laboratory tested

Unique formula with naturally derived ingredients

Eco-friendly materials like PET plastic and bamboo


“I tried CBD Booster and since first application I noticed a great change on my skin: much softer, redness is gone and acne imperfections are minimized. My skin usually has allergic reactions to products but CBD Booster was great to my skin, eventually it calms allergic reactions and even helped me with a oil burn. Love it!”

Mariana C.

“There are no words to desribe the effect on my skin! I apply Slow-Aging cream and CBD Booster at night and the day after my skin looks moisturized and soft at touch. The formula is simple but effective." 

Leticia N.

"I've been using CBD BOOSTER for one month on my hair and I love it. I apply it on my head since I have dermatitis but also on the lenght to smooth my hair and the result is fantastic. My hair got back to life, I'm so in love with this product!!"

Marta R.

"I'm using Slow-Aging CBD Face Cream and I'm really happy. It's fresh, it absorbs quickly and leaves my skin hydrated for many hours. The perfect cream for summer."

Mireya P.